Frequently Asked Questions

At Cummins, we are grateful to millions of customers who use our products daily and millions more who identify with our culture, values, and brand. They make our work valuable, and we are honored to add to their success. Cummins offers several online communities to reward and connect with these loyal fans.Cummins-QuickServe Cummins has a significant social media presence, including multiple Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. After an in-depth discussion of the Cummin QuickServe website, its benefits, functionality, registration, login and reset information, customer service center, and mobile app, we now present a series of questions and answers for your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Cummins Quickserve Online Cost?

You can quickly accumulate Cummins QuickServe costs based on how many days or months you need access or how many accounts you need to create:

  • Access for a week is $50
  • A one-month subscription costs $200
  • Annual subscription costs $1,200
  • Free membership costs $0

What Is The Benefit Of Having A Cummins Quickserve Online Account?

Free Cummins Quickserve Online Accounts provide unlimited access to repair information, engine diagrams, and troubleshooting guides for your Cummins engine. You can access the Cummins Official Repair Manual and the Cummins Trouble Code Troubleshooting Guide for each of the following machines:


  • ISB 4.5
  • ISB 6.7
  • ISC 8.3
  • ISL 9
  • ISX 12
  • ISX 15


  • QSB 4.5
  • QSB 6.7
  • QSC 8.3
  • QSL 9
  • QSX 12
  • QSX 15

How To Avail Cummins Customer Service Facility Through Live Chat?

You can access the “Support” menu of the website.

  • On the Support menu, click Customer Support. The link takes you to the customer service page of the Cummins website.
  • On this page, you will find the “live chat option.” Click on this option.
  • A new page will open. Click the link on the page to access a live chat with the customer service representative.